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                                               No. 035-M
MEMORANDUM FOR CORRESPONDENTS                  February 17, 1994

     Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton announced today the
names of five new Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyers
and two new Osprey class coastal minehunters scheduled for

     Arleigh Burke class destroyers are named after naval heroes
and leaders.  The four ships named today honor individuals who
distinguished themselves in service to the nation in such wide
ranging action as the Civil War, World War II, Vietnam, Lebanon
and Panama.  Osprey class minehunters are named after birds.

     The Arleigh Burke class ships being named are:

     MAHAN (DDG 72) honors Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan, U.S.
Navy, (1840-1914).  Admiral Mahan served with the blockading
squadrons during the Civil War, and served two terms as President
of the Naval War College.  He is best known as the author of the
Influence of Sea Power on History, published and studied
worldwide to this day.  This book and his other scholarly works
continue to influence strategic and geopolitical thinking
throughout the world.  Three previous ships have borne this name. 
The first MAHAN (DD 102) (1918-1930) served in the Atlantic and
Caribbean.  The second (DD 364) (1936-1993) earned five battle
stars in World War II before being sunk by Kamikazes in 1944. 
The third MAHAN (DLG 11/DDG 42) (1963-1993) served off Lebanon
and Libya and earned twelve battle stars in Vietnam.  DDG 72 will
be built at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine and is scheduled to
enter the fleet in mid-1997.  

     DECATUR (DDG 73) honors Commodore Stephen Decatur, U.S. Navy
(1779-1820), famed for his raid to burn the captured U.S. frigate
PHILADELPHIA in Tripoli harbor in 1804.  He later served with
honor in command of the frigates UNITED STATES and PRESIDENT
during the War of 1812.  Four previous ships were named in his
honor:  a sloop-of-war and three destroyers spanning the period
from 1840-1983.  The third DECATUR earned two battle stars in
WWII; the fourth earned eight battle stars in Vietnam.  DDG 73
will be built at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine and is scheduled
to enter the fleet in late 1997.


MC FAUL (DDG 74) honors Chief Engineman Donald L. McFaul, U.S. Navy, (1957-1989) who was awarded a posthumous Navy Cross for service with Seal Team FOUR during Operation Just Cause. Chief McFaul left his position under heavy small-arms fire to assist his wounded comrades. While carrying a seriously wounded platoon member to safety, Chief McFaul received a mortal wound. MC FAUL will be built at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and is scheduled to enter the fleet in early 1998.

Also KIAs: 
Lt. John Conners (SEAL)
Chris Tilghman  BM1 (SEAL)
Issac George Rodriguez III TM2(SEAL) KIA Panama

     DONALD COOK (DDG 75) honors Colonel Donald G. Cook, U.S.
Marine Corps (1934-1967), who was awarded a posthumous Medal of
Honor for gallantry while a prisoner of war in Vietnam from
December 1964 through December 1967.  During his imprisonment,
Colonel (then Captain) Cook never veered from the Code of Conduct
and resisted attempts to break his will.  He died in captivity in
December 1967.  DONALD COOK will be built at Bath Iron Works in
Bath, Maine and is scheduled to enter the fleet in mid-1998.

     HIGGINS (DDG 76) honors Colonel William Richard Higgins,
U.S. Marine Corps (1945-1990).  Colonel Higgins was kidnapped by
terrorists on February 17, 1988, while serving as the Chief,
Observer Group Lebanon and the Senior United States Military
Observer with the U.S. Truce Supervision Organization in the
Middle East.  After being held captive by terrorists in Lebanon,
Colonel Higgins was executed.  The exact date of his death is
uncertain.  However, he was officially declared dead on July 6,
1990.  HIGGINS will be built at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine
and is scheduled to enter the fleet in September, 1998.

     Secretary Dalton assigned the following names to two Osprey
class minehunters scheduled to be built:

     RAVEN (MHC 61).  Two previous ships have carried this name. 
The first, a schooner (1813-1815) served on Lake Ontario in the
War of 1812.  The second, a minesweeper (AM 55) (1940-1967), took
part in landings in North Africa, Normandy and Southern France,
earning three battle stars in World War II.  MHC 61 will be built
at Intermarine USA shipyard in Savannah, Georgia and is scheduled
to enter the fleet in late 1996.

     SHRIKE (MHC 62).  One previous ship (MSC 201) (1955-1975)
has carried this name.  This ship will also be built at
Intermarine in Savannah and is scheduled to enter the fleet in