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article from Naval Affairs
September 1998

Chief Zevallos, the Reserve SOY, said his subordinates had a hand in helping him achieve success. "As LPO of a SEAL training detachement, I had guys working under me who accomplished tasks far beyond my expectations. That drew attention from my superiors, who praised my leadership in getting those jobs done. That's what helped me get here today."

While the awards and promotions have given the Sailors good reason to feel good about theirs careers each one admitted that getting to this point was not easy.

"My biggest career challenge during my active-duty tour was trying to keep my family life together during the deployment cycles," said Zevallos, who currently serves with Naval Rewerve Naval SPecial Warfare Group One, Detachment 219 at Naval Reserve Center, Port Hueneme, Calif. As a reservist, Zevallos said that maintaining high standards while taking on more missions poses another challenge for him.