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U.S. prosecutor says former Panther Valley superintendent changed military certificates.

Another Asshole goes down! Thanks to the Wannabe SEAL "mopsquad"


Curtis Ashton,

A SEAL Warrior!

his letter from
Frog/SEAL Heaven

Sweetwatertex-flag1.gif (26895 bytes)Texas

After viewing the Guardian Angel's Web Site with all their retaliatory remarks and fabrications about my SEAL brothers,; that night I had this dream.

I dreamed that Curtis Ashton, from Sweetwater TX, talked to me concerning the Guardian Angels. Curtis Ashton (read "Good To Go" by Harry Constance and see their pictures on the cover) was KIA on his second 'Nam Wargames Tour. Lil Ashton Died a young man doing what he trained for and what he believed was the right thing to do. "Lil Ashton" as he was known in SEAL Team TWO back in the dark ages of Special Naval Warfare.

This is what "lil Ashton" said to me in the dream:

"Doc, I was killed in action in the 'Nam War Games, but I am not forgotten. I am always in the present minds of the SEALs that lived thru that fiasco. You guys will never forget us or allow us to have died in vain.

You and I made our first tour to Ho Chi Minh's backyard together in 1967. We had a lot of fun and games with the origional Seventh Platoon.

Too bad we lost one man, Gene Fraley. I felt sorry for "Rinney" his german shepard, but we all worked it out and we finished a fantastic tour of duty in 1968.
We got a little rattled during Tet when the VC overan MyTHo, but we survied that and lived to send some of those 'cong to Budda.
I miss you guys as much as you guys miss me. We are a tight family, remember: "We are the> Frog Family, the best family!" That is quite a song, huh?

Doc, you are troubled by this new web site that has popped up by some bitter person or persons because you guys are intimidating some people claiming to be U S Navy SEALs.

Doc , you can see by their web site that they are taking shots at us guys in the dark, just like the VC used to do, trying to draw our fire. You can see from their dialogue that they do not have the slighest notion what they write and suggest to those idiots claiming they are Navy SEALs.

If they are Navy SEALs , they don't need a bunch of split tails to try and do their own fightin' and argueing. If they truely were one of us, they would stand right up and let it "Rock and Roll!" Doc, they are total assholes speaking thru their psychotic minds!

My country, The US of A is turning into a pot of really sickos. Drugs, pills, uppers, downers, cough syrup, etc, now they are trying to get high on a phony adrenaline rush that they are Navy SEALs!

I read the Guardian Angels Website. Doc, they speak with forked tongue!

In the native american tradition, go clip it off! Use nothing but the truth. No violence, no contests of endurance, just the truth with words.
Invite one of these Angels to the Reunion, or the Ft. Pierce Muster and let them see that we are a very small group of men that has a tradition that is envied by the entire Armed Forces (this is not to say the sister services don't have a tradition, but our's is the most copied by WannaBe's, they always pick SEALs).

This is your buddy, Curtis "lil Ashton" Ashton, you Texan swim buddy. We did six months in the 'Nam and we lived thru it.

I am sorry I got zapped on my second tour, but it did not hurt. You remember Fred Keener, my swimbuddy, on our first tour of duty. Fred was standing over me identiying my remains at graves registration and I remember him saying "that is cCurtis!"

The Graves Registration "dog faces" were pissing Keener off because they kept asking how he could tell it was me since I had my face blown off! It did not hurt me, I did not even know what happened until i was on the chopper in a body bag.

Anyway, I came home to Texas and I was remembered by all the SEALs that knew me that attended my funeral.I know I will never be forgotten even if there weren't a 'Nam Wall.

My name is on that Vietnam Wall, get a copy of it and put it on your web site and show it to the Guardian Angels. My death is real! So was my life!

Fuck 'em Doc, you guys are right! NO ONE should be allowed to impersonate a Navy SEAL! That honor is reserved to us, the guys who did the WALK, and earned the right to do the TALK!

Don't let us guys to have died in vain. Don't let anyone do the Talk, unless they have Walked the Walk!

By the way, I am drinking some PBR's with Fraley, Ramos, Rischer,Trani, Albright, and some of the other guys from ST-1, Ike Rodriguez who got it in Panama is here playing his guitar, the guys that died in Grenada are telling their story, and all those who died in training are taking it all in.
We let them wear the BUDWEISER up here, they earned it because they never said "I quit!"!

We are doing fine, and especially proud that some of the buildings at BUDs and The Creek have been named after us!

Don't let anyhone in the Teams forget that Pain is temporary, but Pride is for life and after life!

Doc Rio, thanks for keeping our memories alive. We Live!

Doc, now go do your job, Hunt down every scumbag WannaBe SEAL and make him eat his phony stories.

Tu Amigo,

Curtis Ashton (SEAL) KIA

but living an eternally proud life in Frog Heaven.

PS: Freakin Body Bags are COLD! can't somebody invent warm ones?

Frakey(KIA) and Rinny

The Making of an American Warrior

and article from the Reader's Digest Mag. with color pictures.

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These citizens are some of the most unsecure people in the universe who DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN LIVES!

It is not against the law to become a SEAL WannaBe, but once you take that step, in the name of our dead commrades, we will strip you of your bloated ego and put you into your proper place in life.

No violence, just words.

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