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RUDY'S RIGHT AT HOME IN "COMBAT                                                                    MISSIONS"

Published: January 16, 2002
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RUDY BOESCH returns to television tonight in ``Combat Missions,'' a reality series that premieres on USA at 10.

In real life, Boesch is a decorated former enlisted man in the Navy SEALs. But here on reality TV, he gets promoted to ``Col. Camp Commander.'' The show from ``Survivor'' mastermind Mark Burnett matches four six-man squads in a Mojave Desert location called Camp Windstorm. The missions are dangerous, say the producers who have recruited former members of the SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets and CIA.

A potentially dangerous mission: blowing up a tank in enemy territory.

Other challenges of the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta teams include pilot and hostage rescues, demolishing fuel dumps and taking down enemy guided-missile systems.

Among the 24 contestants is Scott Oates of Alpha Squad, who operates Scotty Quixx Cafe and Carryout in Virginia Beach. He spent seven years with SEAL Team 2. Boesch once served as the team's command master chief petty officer.

During that period, John Potter of Anchorage, Ky., pulled duty with Boesch. The veteran of 22 years with the SEALs is a member of Charlie Squad.

Of his acting, Boesch said, ``They gave me scripts to read. But if it was over five lines, I'd mumble. Later they said, `Read the script and put it into your own words.' ''

Of the show, he said, ``The focus is on the contestants. All I do is run the camp. I don't have to do anything physical.''

As with ``Survivor,'' which brought instant fame to Boesch, the ``Combat Missions'' contestants face the prospect of getting voted out of the competition. Replacements are picked for the fallen comrades.

``On this show, Rudy's in his element,'' executive producer Brian Gadinsky said.

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    Mi Amigo  Rudy Boesch  from SEAL Team TWO

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