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"Bad Bo" Bosiljevac (SEAL)

I 'm U.S. Navy CDR (ret) T.L. "Bad Bo" Bosiljevac(SEAL). Welcome to the website of the Big Dogs.

If anyone had told me when I enlisted as an E-1 in the Army in 1974 - and believe me, I'd rarely seen the ocean at that time, much less ever distance swam in it - that someday I would become the Commanding Officer of SEAL Team FOUR, I would have told them they were eating peyote buttons.

Take a look at this first rate crew. There wasn't a mission they couldn't tackle.

And I was handed the honor to command them.
It doesn't get any better than this.

SEAL Mathematics: "Opportunity + Motivation = High Adventure?"
You better believe it! HOOYAH!!

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